In this book there was a lot of bullying. Peter Houghton just happened to be the one who had it the worst. The “popular” kids didn’t realize how much emotional damage they were doing to him. This connects to our school to an extent. Just walking down the hall you can see kids being bullied. Though the bullying at our school may not seem as extreme as what Peter what through it’s still emotionally damaging.

19 Minutes can connect to other Jodi Picoult books I have read. Vanishing Acts, Handle with Care and 19 Minutes all have very intense times in court rooms. In the court room part of the books there are many unexpected twists that keep you in suspense.

Last year in English class I read the book No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine by Brooks Brown. These books connect because they are both about school shootings. The shootings occurred because of extreme bullying at school also. They show the reality of what bullying can do.

Both CSI and 19 Minutes connect also. In both the guilty person feels as thought they didn’t do anything wrong. Peter thought what he did was perfectly fine and the kids that died deserved to. Most CSI shows the killer feels the same as Peter did and they don’t understand why they are sent to jail for it.

Not only did Peter have to deal with being bullied at school but at home on his computer as well. People from school said nasty things to him on websites and through email. I can connect this to an incident that just happened on facebook. A kid from our school made a rude group about two other girls.