Why do Jodi Picoult's books revolve around a court room?
Every book I have read that Jodi Picoult has written them main part of the book was inside a court room.

What caused Peter to just sit down and listen to the ipod and eat some ones deserted Rice Kripies after he opened fire in the cafeteria?
I found it very disturbing that he could sit in a room, where there are dead bodies he just shot, and eat with out caring.

Why didn't Peter just tell everyone that Josie was the one that shot Matt first?
Peter tried keeping Josie from getting caught by hitting her in the head so she'd forget everything that happened. I don't understand what caused him to be so caring to her compared to all the other kids.

Why was Peter the only one Josie told about Matt abusing her?
I find it strange that he's the only person she told because they weren't friends anymore and they didn't even talk. I figured she might tell a friend like Courtney maybe.

Did Peter shoot Matt after Josie for revenge from Matt bullying him or because Matt abused Josie?
Peter loved Josie and he hated that Matt abused her. Matt was also one of the people that bullied Peter the most so it could have been either.