Charlotte has to stay at home with Willow every day to take care of her when she is "broken" and to make sure she doesn't break anything else. It takes a lot of work when Willow is in a body cast because her mother has to pick her up to use the bathroom and shower and carry her to the couch. This caring reminds me of how my mom had to take care of my grandma after she got surgery. My mom had to stay home all day with her for a couple weeks until she could do basic stuff on her own. It was very stressful for my mom because it took a lot of work on top of all the other things she had to do around the house. That's probably how Charlotte felt at times when taking care of Willow.

Willow has an older sister named Amelia in this novel. Amelia feels like she is second best in her mother's life because Willow requires so much of her attention. Including me, there are four sisters in my family. Since there are kind of a lot of people in my house, we all sometimes have the feeling that we need more attention. That is how I can relate to Amelia in this novel. My sisters and I never feel as much lonliness as Amelia, but I have somewhat of a feeling as to what goes through her mind when it seems like her life has to revolve around her sister.

Since Willow has a serious disability in this novel, it's not surprising that her mother is very protective of her. Although, it sometimes seems like Charlotte is a little too protective. That is how my aunt use to act with her sons when they were young children. As soon as it got dark out they all had to go inside and they had to be in bed by 7:30 p.m. Also, they weren't allowed to stay overnight at friends' houses until they were in middle school or high school. I can't imagine how much more protective my aunt would be if one of her sons had an illness or disability.

When the O'Keefe family goes on their first family vacation, Amelia is really excited for all of the rides they get to go on. That is, until her mother tells her that she can only ride the ones that are safe for Willow to go on too. Amelia gets really annoyed about this because she just wants to have fun without worrying about Willow. I can relate to how Willow feels because when I was younger and I wanted to do something that my little sisters weren't allowed to do, I usually wasn't allowed to do it either. I use to get really mad about it because it seemed like my mom didn't understand that since I was older I should be allowed to do more things than my sisters.

While the O'Keefe family was in Disney World, Willow slipped on a napkin and broke her leg. Everyone around was in shock and Charlotte started ordering the men from the medical facility around so they knew about Willow's OI. I know exactly how those people must have felt when they saw Willow fall because one time my sister fell on our steps and she smacked her head off the corner of one of the stairs. Her eyes started rolling to the back of her head and she passed out. That moment was probably the scariest of my life. My mom told me to call my dad so I did and then my sister started to wake up and she ended up being fine after she went to the emergency room.