Why did Jodi Picoult have Willow die at the end of the book? It seems like she did it to surprise her readers, but it kind of made me more annoyed than surprised. I was excited when the O'Keefe's won their lawsuit and the money and it seemed like the whole thing was a waste since Willow ended up dying.

Did Piper actually like Sean? In parts of the book she acted like she thought he was a good father. Although, in other parts she acted like he was somewhat of a jerk to his family.

Why didn't the O'Keefe's use the check they got from winning the lawsuit? They went through heck for months trying to win it and their family was almost ripped apart by it. You would think that they would use the money after all of that, but they just hung the check up on their refrigerator.

How didn't Charlotte or Sean know that Amelia was cutting herself and had an eating disorder? They do put a lot of their attention into taking care of Willow, but they only have two kids so it's not that hard to keep track of them. Also, Amelia must have been getting thinner and she wore long sleeved shirts during the summer, so it's not that hard to see that something must not be right with her.

How long did Amelia stay at the clinic in Boston? It says that she returns better, but it never says when she ended up leaving or when she came home. Also, did her parents go up and visit her a lot while she was there?