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The courtroom is a very important place in this novel. It is there that Charlotte had to say if she would have known about Willow's illness sooner, she would have aborted her prgnancy. Also, it is where Amelia and Sean had to testify against Charlotte. This is what I pictured the courtroom to look like. It's a well known courthouse and judge in this book, so I would imagine that the courtroom would look sophisticated like this one.

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At the end of this book, Willow takes a walk down to the pond by their house. She wanted to see if she could see the fish through the ice on the water, so she started to walk acrossed it. Willow ended up falling through the ice and drowning. This is how I pictured the pond to look like because it is big and it was nice enough outside for Willow to be allowed to take a walk. I also think that Willow would be more likely to walk across a big pond because she would have been more curious about it.

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Teenage girl
Teenage girl

Amelia always felt second best to Willow because she has OI and needs a lot more attention than her. Everyone loves Willow because she is smart and funny and doesn't act like she is sick. When the law suit began, Amelia became even more stressed out and depressed so she started to cut herself and make herself throw up. This is how I pictured Amelia to look in this novel. When the story is being told from her point of view, she always calls herself fat which happens with all girls with eating disorders when they are actually really thin. I think that Amelia probably got really thin like the person in this picture because she made herslef throw up about three times a day.

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