I can connect the book Salem Falls to a play we have read this year.It connects to The Crucible.The play The Crucible was mentioned many times throughout Salem Falls.The young girls of Salem Falls felt they were similar to the girls in The Crucible because they thought they were witches and they tried to do a spell in the woods.When they are caught in the woods, in both the play and book, the girls tired to cover it up by lying and getting an innocent person in trouble.

I can connect the book to my grandma.I can connect both because in the book Jack is addicted to watching Jeopardy just like my grandma is.In the book Jack could answer almost every single question.While my grandma was staying at my house after her surgery I found out that she could also answer basically every question asked on the show.

I can connect Salem Falls to other Jodi Picoult books I’ve read.Every book I have read by Jodi Picoult has some type of court case in it.In Salem Falls there is also a reoccurring character from another book I read called 19 Minutes.

I can connect the book Salem Falls to an episode of CSI. In the episode of CSI a teenage girl frames a man. She accuses him of raping her just because when she told him she loved him her told her not to say that. When he did this she felt she had to get back at him. This is much like what Catherine and Gillian did to Jack.

I can connect Salem Falls to a Saw movie.In the saw movie one mans daughter was ran over when she was very young.This broke his heart and he took out some of his anger on his son.The father left his daughters room just as she had it before he died and when he found his son in there playing with the toys he yelled at him.This is like how Addie reacted when she found Jack cleaning Chloe’s room.It made Addie made because her daughter died too and she felt that if she changed anything she would start to forget Chloe.