Why didn’t Jack St. Bride go to the police after he was assaulted outside of Addie’s house?
After some one threw a large stone with burning paper attached threw the window of Roy and Jacks apartment trying to set fire to it, Jack moved in with Addie.While he was at Addie’s house they heard noises by the door so jack went to find out what it was.When he stepped out the door a group of people dressed in black started punching and kicking him.Jack was lucky that Addie came out of the door with a riffle because if she didn’t who knows if they would have killed him.I find it strange that he wouldn’t go to the cops about it.

What caused Catherine and Gillian to lie about being raped?
I don’t understand why they would lie about something so serious.Their lies ruined Jack’s life.I know they both had a crush on him but if they felt that way about him then why would they want him to go to jail?

Why didn’t Addie question Jack more about his past?
Addie just hired Jack with out asking him questions about who he was or anything.It was kind of surprising because most people have to fill out an application and have an interview before they are hired somewhere. Addie just must of needed a lot of help at the dinner not to ask him things about his past.

Does Addie ever see any of the boys’ Does Addie ever see any of the boys’s who raped her after she is grown up?
When Addie was young a group of drunken boys raped her.She says that one moved away, one died and the other one still lives in Salem Falls but she doesn’t say anything about ever seeing them again.She does wonder if they remember or even know that they did it.

Did Catherine's dad know she went to testify and Jack's court case?
Catherine decided to testify that Jack was innocent at the court case against Gillian. She did this because she felt so bad for lying about it before and causing him to go through so much. It never says if Catherine's dad knows that she went but I feel that he didn't because if she would have told him then he wouldn't let her go.