Jack St. Bride, a teacher and soccer coach at and all girls’ prep school, was loved by his students and player.Most kids though he was the best teacher and coach they’ve ever had.He was very handsome which cause many of the girls to have crushes on him.Catherine Marsh was one of the best soccer players on St. Bride’s team.Her enthusiasm for soccer made Jack very proud of her.This caused her to think he had feelings for her.She was ok with it though because she found him attractive and she thought she loved him.

Catherine’s feeling for Jack started to turn into and obsession of him.She would write in her journal about the two of them and make things up in her head.One day Catherine’s dad found her diary and read it.He thought the things it said were true and told the police.Catherine was so scared that she told them it really happened.Jack had to got to court and he ended up entering a plea for being guilty even thought he didn’t do it cause his case wasn’t looking good and entering the plea would mean he’d spend a lot less time in jail.

While Jack was in jail he was physically abused by a man named Mountain.Mountain teased Jack constantly so Jack decided to find a way to get him to stop.They made a deal that everyday they would watch Jeopardy and if Jack got all the answers right then Mountain couldn’t touch him.The deal went on for a very long time until one day Jack messed up and answered wrong but Jack out smarted Mountain and talked him out of hurting him.Jack was released soon after this.

When Jack gets out of jail he has no where to live and only one set of clothes which were the ones he was wearing.He decides to walk to the nearest town when a man driving stops and gives him a ride to Salem Falls because it was pouring rain.When arriving in town Jack goes to the do or diner restaurant to become employed as a dishwasher. The next day he must go and tell the Salem Falls police that he is a registered sex offender; this was part of his court plea, however this angers the police. Officer Wes gets angry and worried his crush Addie.

Wes soon tells people from around town about Jack being a sex offender.After hearing this from Wes, important men in the town such as Charlie, Tom, Amos and Ed start harassing Jack.First they throw a brick with a burn paper attached through the window of his apartment. Addie lets Jack move into her house to keep him safe however it doesn’t work.Late one night while Jack and Addie were spending time together they heard a noise outside so Jack went to investigate.As soon as he stepped out the door a group of men dressed in all black start to hit and kick him till Addie comes to the doorway with a gun.

Jack leaves to protect Addie however while walking he is chased by a car and has to go through the woods to get away from it.When in the woods he sees a fire and people dancing around it.He reaches the group of people and realizes its Amos’s daughter and her friends, Gillian grabs his arm but he gets away. A few moments later all of the fathers and Wes show up to see what’s happening which is when Gillian accuses Jack of rape.

It’s not hard for them to believe her because of his past.They end up going to trial where a series of events happen.Catherine Marsh, the girl that first accused Jack, gave a testimony says Jack was innocent and she lied before.In the end Jack wins but instead of staying in Salem Falls Jack takes Addie to New York.