Salem Falls - Visuals

external image soccer-ball-on-grass.jpg

A visual of a soccer ball fits well with the book.In the book Jack St. Bride is a history teacher and soccer coach for Catherine.Jack is one of those coaches that gets very close with his players and is proud of them. Catherine takes Jack’s personality and kindness in the wrong way.She feels he acts that way towards her because he has feelings for her.This misjudgment gets Jack into a lot of trouble.

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external image SpellBook1.jpg

The picture of a spell book goes with the book because of Gillian and her friends.Gillian and her friends think they are witches just like the girls in the book The Crucible.The group of friends went to a store in town that sold spell books and potions often.They bought a book there and decided to meet in the woods one night and do one of the spells.They were spotted while they were dancing in the woods and to keep them from getting into trouble Gillian accused Jack of raping her.

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I felt a visual of a medium security jail cell would be a good to use.Jack spent eight months in a medium security jail cell like this one for a crime he did not commit.The jail changed him drastically.He was beat up and picked on most of the time he spent there.He was also alone much of the time which caused him to have difficulty carrying on a conversation after he was released.

"A cell at the Maine State Prison in Warren, Maine.." How Prisons Work. Web. 1 Jun 2010.

external image jeopardy19.jpg
I decided to use a picture of Jeopardy for a visual. The television show Jeopardy plays big role in the book. Jack watches it everydayday and sometimes he watches the reruns. He can answer mostly all of the questions they ask.

"JEOPARDY by powerhouse." Powerhouse. Web. 1 Jun 2010.

external image cheeseburger_french_fries-9572.jpg

I feel a picture of a burger and fries fits in with the book well because of Addie's daughter. Addie had a young daughter named Chloe who was her world. Chloe ended up dying when she was ten because she had bacterial meningitis. Even though Chloe passed away Addie still set a plate of fries and a burger for her because that's what she ate everyday down at the diner.

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