The book Vanishing Acts connects to the book The Lovely Bones. Both books have young girls that were abused. The fathers of both books also take action against the abuse and get themselves into a little trouble doing so.

The book Vanishing Acts connects to a 48 minutes episode when a girl was given to the wrong family after she was in
a car accident. The girl would have glimpses in her memory that helped her remember that this family wasn’t her real family. These memory glimpses are like Delia’s when she remembers about her abuse. In both cases the memories help make them understand things.

I can connect the book Vanishing Acts connects to CSI. In the book Andrew is taken to court for something that is technically wrong but most people in his place would do the same thing. This happens in CSI a lot when a person kills some else in an act of self defense or something of the sort.

Vanishing Acts connects to me in some ways. In Vanishing Acts a family has to travel to a different state for an important occasion. Two summers ago my family traveled to a different state an important occasion.