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The book Vanishing Acts starts out in New Hampshire with a woman named Delia Hopkins, who is on a search with her dog, Greta. They find a four year old little girl who went missing when she wondered into the woods alone. Delia is a search and rescuer with her dog and is use to finding missing people but she never knew that she was missing herself.

Delia’s farther, Andrew, is an only parent. As Delia understands her mother passed away when she was very young. She felt her dad was somewhat of a super dad. Andrew did magic at the towns senior center and when Delis was only six he let her help him with one of his tricks. This fascinated Delia more then anything.

As Delia was growing up she had two very close friends, Fritz and Nick. They were both neighbor and the three of them spent just about everyday together. Nick’s mother was an alcoholic so he went to Delia’s house most days. As they started to get older Delia and Fritz dated and it depressed nick because he really liked Delia so as soon as they broke up Nick asked Delia out. Now Delia, Nick and Fritz are each 32 years old. They are all friends still but now Nick and Delia have a daughter named Sophie and are planning their wedding.

Even though Delia is with Nick she still goes to Fritz for help whenever anything goes wrong. She was use to having Fritz help her because that’s how it always was. Delia never would have thought there was a problem that Fritz could not solve which would lead to Nick saving her and Andrew.

One day Delia shows up at the law office, where Nick works, bawling. Nick is with a client but he takes Delia into the hallway to see what the matter was. When Nick asks she tells him that her father was arrested for kidnapping her. Fritz also becomes involved in the situation when he shows Delia a website saying that her name was actually Bethany Matthews and that Delia Hopkins was the name of a girl that died in a car accident with her father. The three of them were in complete shock and wanted answers but they would have to go to Arizona to get them.

Shortly after Andrew is taken into custody they transfer him to the Madison Street Jail in Phoenix, Arizona. Andrew needed an attorney and Delia doesn’t want anyone but Nick to defend him. Nick realizes that Delia needs him now more then ever. Nick also knows that he hasn’t taken on many cases let alone one this big but he does it anyways.

Nick visits Andrew in jail to get his case ready but Andrew doesn’t tell him much. Delia visits her dad also, but for a very short amount of time because she becomes upset when he tells her that he didn’t have the choice of not kidnapping her. She’s mostly upset because she doesn’t understand her dad’s reasons for doing it. Andrew doesn’t really tell anyone much of his story until he reaches the court room. The information he kept from Eric caused him to look very foolish during the trial especially when Andrew tells very personal facts of what happened the day he kidnapped Delia.

Andrew gets extremely upset while he is prosecuted. Emma Wasserstein, the prosecutor, tries to make Andrew seem like a horrible person when she tells of past events in his life and this causes him to finally inform the court with the facts that would win or loose his case. He tells them that he walked into his ex- wife’s house and found Victor, her boyfriend, abusing Delia. He was so angry that he lashed out on Victor.

After all was said and done the jury discusses the case for less then three hours. When they come back they read the verdict as not guilty. Mostly everyone was surprised including Eric. Even though Delia is forever grateful for Eric representing her dad she still decides to leave him. Delia knows that they aren’t ready for the relationship they were in. This decision was one that didn’t surprise Eric so much.

After the case is over Eric decides to stay in Arizona and work. Fritz takes Sophie back to New Hampshire where they are going to meet back up with Delia and Andrew. Delia and her dad’s ride back to New Hampshire is some of their most important time spent together. Andrew explains to her that he “kidnapped” her because she asked him to take her. He knew that she was afraid of living with her mom and he couldn’t stand to she that happen to her.


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